With stewardess’s wages up to 4,500 USD per month, it’s a dream job. However, Duy Nguyễn (screen name: JustDuy) decided to resign from this high paying job to pursue her dreams at the age of 26.

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 “But first, let me master video editing”

JustDuy graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration when she was 21 years old; then became flight attendant on Emirates Airlines. After 4 years of flying, Duy discovered her new passion, to sit in front of the computer for hours and make videos. Thus, JustDuy Youtube channel was born.

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The path to becoming a professional video editor was not simple. While many others went through college, Duy studied online by herself. She came back to Vietnam determined to establish her own Youtube channel. Pursuing this dream, Duy invested in a computer, a camera and even lighting for a professional filmmaker. Fortunately, Duy’s boyfriend is a photographer, and he assists Duy a lot in creating stunning photos.

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“Every video editor will understand the feeling you get when you sit in front of the computer; you will be hypnotized for hours. It is the same for me but making videos is so fascinating to me”.  The first video on JustDuy Youtube channel was released in May – it immediately went viral and received a lot of press coverage. In this video, Duy shared her experiences as a flight attendant. So far the video has received more than 1 million views and her Youtube channel has more than 20,000 subscribers.

The path to become a makeup artist

“I am not a makeup artist, but I am a person that cannot live without makeup”, she said. During her time in Dubai, she usually spent 2 hours per day doing her makeup before every flight. Duy even did makeup for her colleagues and she always loves it.

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Thus, JustDuy Youtube channel has many makeup tutorial videos with a variety of styles. The audience is fascinated, not just by her charming way of talking, but also by her diverse transformations. Be a party girl or the queen of the masquerade…Recently, Duy has created a makeup tutorial on how to become a genuine Bloomer girl.

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In July, Duy will go to Serbia, her boyfriend’s home county, to study makeup. This is the path that Duy has decided to pursue, she wants to bring her featured makeup style to everyone. Let’s wait for this lovely vlogger, makeup artist and who knows – will there be a surprise from JustDuy with Bloomer. Stay tuned!