Ai Nhi – pretty girl who loves literature and sport

Ai Nhi is from Vinh Cuu, Dong Nai and is currently a college student at Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College. She is the winner of May’s Bloomer award. She’s not only the most flower receiver but also the most flower giver for the month of May. “I love Bloomer because I like to take photos and want to get to know more people.” Says Nhi


Nhi is the favourite model for many photographers. Even though she is just 19 years old Nhi has lots of portraits, and fashion photos, which have been taken by members of her photography club. With her amazing height and a pretty face, Ai Nhi got a side job as a model. It started by accident when some photographers saw her in the street and asked to take a photo of her.

Most of Nhi’s free time is spent reading, her favourite writer of all time is Nguyen Ngoc Thach. She is also a writer and she is now the face of a book brand. She is striving to write a humanistic and meaningful book like her idol.


Pretty women are generally known not to be fans of any hardcore activities. However, that generalization is blown away by Bloomer sweet heart Ái Nhi. She is a gym-aholic and used to take part in the Dong Nai marathon.

Ai Nhi has an impressive record for placing high in the marathon in Vinh Cuu, Dong Nai province. She prepared by doing long runs every week from her dorm in Thu Duc College Village to Dong Nai province. Nhi is admired by everyone for her dedication to her running.


Nhi’s passion for sports is one of the things that people remember the most when they think about her. She spends 2 hours in the gym every day and she loves it. With her love of sports, she wants to spread awareness of the importance of exercising to everyone. No matter who you are, no matter your age or gender, always treasure yourself and stay healthy.


Ai Nhi has challenged herself with an entirely different genre of sport in her Bloomer video. Let’s follow her journey of making another great achievement!