Ai Suong: the ‘26 year-old’ dreamy girl

While many of her classmates have settled down with kids and a family, Ai Suong is still enjoying her freedom. Bloomer’s February winner also wants to spend more time on herself, to read and travel.


The girl, born in 1991, is currently a television editor. Although her work is very busy, Ai Suong makes time for her hobbies of painting and creating handmade items. Suong admits that she is a little ambitious, but to her, work is the greatest pleasure in life. So at the age of 26, Ai Suong is still single, free, and always happy.


As a dreamer, Ai Suong never stops dreaming about an animation directed by herself. She makes an effort, every day, to realize that dream. Meeting Suong, she appears to be a girl with short hair, drab skin and a careless dress style. Ai Suong is perhaps a special girl with many hidden talents.


Let’s find out what Ai Suong – The Bloomer winner in February – has to share during a brief interview.

– 5 things even her best friends don’t know about Ai Suong?

I am a fickle person.

I like multitasking.

Maybe I’m a liberal girl.

I really like being alone.

My world has many books.


– 5 things that make Ai Suong proud?

Starting work at the age of 16.

Having unconditional love from her family.

Being single without feeling lonely.

Getting to do what she likes.

Winning Bloomer.


– 5 biggest fears that Ai Sương has?

Going broke.

Frogs and their relatives.

Unproductive time.




– 5 biggest dreams of Ai Suong?

Buying a house and living with her mother.

Living in different countries.

Making an animation.

Becoming a scientist.

Having a boyfriend.


– 5 criteria to be Ai Suong’s boyfriend?

Not overweight.

Not lazy.



Better than her in many ways.


– 5 philosophies that she wants to share?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

“If not now, then when?”

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”.

“Keep good hygiene”.

“Monday is the best day of the week”.