Bloomer premiere at Hello Weekend flea market.

Bloomer – Share to Shine is a photo sharing application that comes with the special themed leaderboards. With Bloomer, you can update your favorite pictures to the different themes of your liking.

Last weekend (November 05-06), Bloomer is first presented in the Hello Weekend Market (HWM) and engaged in the flea market’s amusing vibes.


Besides introducing the photo-sharing app to the public, Bloomer also brought plenty of activities to the flea market to create the most interesting and relaxing moments to everyone.

The presence of Lou Hoang the singer and Tuyen Tang the VJ was the special bonus to the Bloomer’s premier. Together with the fascinating mini games and prizes, Bloomer has brought the excitement of everyone at the whole market.



Especially, when the audiences download Bloomer, they can receive cute Bloomer notebooks at the Bloomer’s booth.



“Minh là gi cua nhau”  brought by Lou Hoang along with his role as a judge of the mini games, Lou Hoang also brought to the audiences an amusing stage.


VJ Tuyen Tang gave out the interesting questions about Bloomer and received a lot of support and involvement of young dynamic people at the fair Hello Weekend Market.


The Bloomer’s premier took place successfully and gathered the support of young people at the Hello Weekend Market. In addition, the event has also received a lot of praise and positive contribution from Bloomer’s community as well as young people.


To get updated about Bloomer, please check these sites:



Instagram: @bloomerapp


The application is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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