Cát Nguyễn and the emotional album


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“Pursue your passion in all the most honest and powerful ways you have.” – He’s Cát Nguyễn, Winner of June Leaderboard.

First time in Ho Chi Minh city, our boy who was born in 1995 said that he was just as eager and anxious to know that Bloomer prepared a special challenge for him to “show off” his photography skills.

And the challenge we prepared for him is shooting 50 random people on the street. Quiet surprise with this challenge, Cát said: “I love capturing the most natural moments of people. But I just took photos of my friends or family before, I’ve never done this to a random people on street before. I wonder if it’s possible for me to complete 50 photos on time”.

Cat’s journey stretches from the April 30 park to Pho Di Bo, where he talked with no fewer than 100 people for permission to take photos. At first, it was quite difficult, and of course, he received a lot of rejection, but that did not frustrate him. And then there are some who agree to be his “models”. Those first pictures helped Cat get more motivation to continue with his album.

After a long day, Cát finished Bloomer’s challenge perfectly. Despite being tired, Cat was still happy that he met many people and see the friendliness of Ho Chi Minh city.

Looking at the album, Cát prided of those precious moments he had captured from the people who he just talked for the first time. From that hawker lady who was tired but still had a big smile when she saw the camera or that young painter who was dropping his soul into the painting, or that white bearded old man who sat under the tree and told the historic stories of the past etc. All of them together have created a multi-emotional, multi-shade for Cát’s album.

With Cát, this was not totally a challenge but an opportunity for his experience: “I feel that shooting people in such a surprise will save the most real emotion of them right that time. Even if they smile in front of the camera, I still see if they are truly happy or sad.”

Because it is only the first time, Cát regrets that he didn’t talk much with them. If there is a chance next, surely he will spend more time talking to each people.