Cat Hoang Nguyen – The marine student who can play 3 instruments and 8 sports


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“I believe everyone has a special inner light that is invisible to the outside world. That’s why all of the photos that I take, the personalities are usually unknown…”


This is the confession of Bloomer’s March winner in Hanoi. Cát Nguyễn was born in 1995, and has a mature and refreshing outlook. He is a multi-talented man, as well as his photography he can play 3 instruments and 8 sports.

His first talent is playing the harmonica. Everyone is quiet while he plays his instrument, not just because of the music, but also because of his appearance. Cat looks very different from the usual idea of an artist. He is studying marine engineering at Vietnam Maritime University and looks like a sailor. “With this appearance, no one thinks I am an artist inside.”


We met Cát in one day in April, he was looking very handsome in his marine uniform. “When I’m sailing, I’m very excited”, Cát expressed. He wants to sail the seas and travel around the world. “One day I will land in New York”.

But that’s not all. “I want to be a sailor and a photographer at the same time” said Cat. So he saved his money to purchase a high quality camera, and started studying from the basics.


Last but not least, he used to hold the title Plex lagoon king. As the top goal scorer in his university football tournament, most of his time is spent playing sports. Besides football, Cát is also very good at volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, tennis, swimming and running.


In Hanoi on a rainy day, Cát met the Bloomer team with a camera in his hands. After our conversation, he said goodbye and continued his journey, hoping on the bus, passionately capturing the moment and the blurry portrait…