1. 90 Ngay Ha Casting Contest – A Chance To Become A Star:

Bloomer and An Nam Production will co-operate to produce a new movie: 90 Ngay Ha. The film will have the presence of many famous stars such as: Huu Chau, Van Trang, Hong Van, Huy Khanh… The film will be directed by director Huynh Tuan Anh, the director of the hit movie Lo To in 2017.

The movie is about Hong Tuy, a famous Cai Luong artist who lived in Saigon in the 1970s. At the hall of fame, her life was suddenly messed up due to a love triangle. From then on, a dreadful secrets involving many people and even Hong Tuy, was gradually disclosed. She had to decide what to do to end all these painful mistakes.

Bloomer will run a contest on Bloomer App with the name is “90 Ngay Ha Casting Contest” from 10:00 AM, 23/08/2018 to 9:00 PM, 09/09/2018.

Artist Huu Chau and Director Huynh Tuan Anh

Actor Huy Khánh

Actress Van Trang

2. Prize:

Two winners (1 Female & 1 Male) of the contest will have a role in the movie.

Top 10 (10 Females & 10 Males) of the contest will have chances to cast 8 roles in 90 Ngay Ha movie.

3. Eligibility:

Users must have a valid Bloomer account.

4. Time:

90 Ngay Ha Casting Contest will take place on Bloomer App from 10:00AM, 23/08/2018 to 9:00PM, 09/09/2018.

5. How to participate:

Photos of the account holders must be clear and not the image / advertising / spam / sensitive pictures / children.

You must upload at least 1 portrait photo and 1 full-body photo.

6. Result announcement:

Bloomer will announce the result of 90 Ngay Ha Casting Contest on the app and Bloomer’s Fanpage on 10/09/2018.

Top 10 Male and Top 10 Female will cast some roles of the movie from 14/09/2018 to 16/09/2018.