Cool photography tips for smartphone users

Nowadays, anyone of us can easily own a multi-functional smartphone which can use for calling, texting, watching online news, listening to music, taking pictures, etc.  In particular, with the compact and handy advantages, taking pictures with a smartphone has become familiar with today’s youngster.

Do you know the secrets of taking stunning photos by smartphone yet? Let’s have a look:

  • Lighting is everything

For any photography tool, especially smartphone, lightning is one of the extremely important factors which contribute to make your photos look great, sharp and clear.

Tip: Choose a place near the windows to get sunlight or take advantage of the “not-too-yellow or not-too-bright light” before taking photos, you will see the difference!

160702 Girls Generation Taeyeon - 2nd Mini 'WHY' photo book SNSD Taeyeon:

  • No matter what happen, don’t zoom but crop

The quality of photos which were taken when being zoomed is very poor and not clear as normal. If you feel unsatisfied with the current layout of your photo, you can easily crop it to make it more harmonious and beautiful.

Tip: Using the basic photo editing on your phone can also give you a lot of cropping ratio as you desired.

  • Choose the appropriate angle

First, carefully select the right angle. You will be surprised with the result of the image without having to waste time taking the same photo repeatedly.

Tip: For those selfie photos, choose your best face angle and you will look more impressive. Also don’t forget to choose a bright place when taking photos to make it look gorgeous.

ulzzang, korean, and hwamin image:

  • Do not overuse the flash

Flash would help a lot when taking photos in low-light environments. However, overuse flash could cause overexposed photos; the color is less natural or worse it could make the skin looks glossy when taking portrait photos.

Tip: Adjust the flash mode into “Auto” before taking pictures; the phone will automatically measure the lightning for you.

  • Use effects wisely

Currently, there are various editing applications in the market which could contribute to help our photos become more stunning than the original. A beautiful photo is a photo that has color, layout and lightning edited enough and nicely.

Tip: Do not overuse photo editing effect if you do not want your photos look so fake. Try the app: VSCOcam, Analog, Afterlight, Snapchat … to feel the magic of the photos after edited.

Yuzees Magazine : US edition #564:

Don’t wait any longer and let’s apply these “as-easy-as-cake” tips in order to have a cool picture to show your besties.

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