• What will I get if I’m on the top of the contest?

    "Winning the contest not only gives you an opportunity to connect with people with shared interest around Viet Nam, but also become a hot face in a young dynamic community – Bloomer.
    By winning the contest, you would earn Reward. The details will be announced on our fanpage. Follow our fanpage to get more information:
    Bloomer App Fanpage
    Stay tuned!
  • How to sign up an account on Bloomer?

    1.Enter your phone number. This number will receive a verification code. Please make sure your number is valid.
    2.Enter Password
    3.Click Join now
    4.Click Verify now
    If you don’t receive the Verification code within 1 minute, click Resend
  • How to give flowers to other users?

    Drag the flower icon at the bottom navigation bar and drop on user’s photo or profile photo to give flowers.
    You can gift 1, 10, 100 flowers or choose (…) to customize the number of flowers that you want to give.

  • I forgot my password, what do I do?

    1. Go to the Log In screen

    2. Tap Forgot Password

    3. Enter your phone number that was used to register your account
    4. Fill out the verification code that was sent to you phone number
    5. Set your new password
  • Can I use a phone number from an other country to create an account?

    Currently, only Vietnamese mobile phone numbers can be used to create accounts on Bloomer. Phone numbers from other countries will be unlocked as Bloomer launches in their respective countries.
  • Can I create two or more accounts with one phone number?

    Only one account can be registered per phone number, and users are not allowed to create multiple accounts.
  • How many Flowers do people need to give me to chat with me?

    The minimum number of Flowers people need to give you in order to unlock your chat can be viewed and changed by:
    1. Tap on Me in the menu
    2. Tap on Settings
    3. Tap on Chat Settings
    4. Move the bar to change the number of Flowers you require before people can chat with you and tap on Back to save
  • The city I live in is not an available choice when setting up my account, does this mean I cannot be on Bloomer?

    If your city is not yet available as a choice, please choose the city nearest to you. Bloomer might add your city as an option in the future, after which you can switch City Leaderboards at any given time .
  • What happens if I change my gender settings?

    When you change your gender settings, you will be removed from all the Leaderboards and all your received flower rankings and previous Achievements will be reset.
  • How do I change my display name?

    1. Tap on Me in the menu
    2. Tap on Settings
    3. Tap on Edit Profile
    4. Tap on Display Name
    5. Change your Display Name and tap on Done to save
  • How do I change my profile picture?

    1. Tap on Me in the menu
    2. Tap on Settings
    3. Tap on Edit Profile
    4. Tap on Update Profile Pictures
    5. Select the Leaderboard you want to change your Profile Picture for by taking a new picture or uploading one from your Gallery
  • How do I change my password?

    1. Tap on Me in the menu
    2. Tap on Settings
    3. Tap on Change Password
    4. Type your current and new passwords and tap on Done to save
  • How can I change the location displayed on My Profile?

    The location that is displayed in your profile is based on the City Leaderboard you are currently in. To change your location tap on Leaderboards in the menu and on the Available tab select the City you want to switch to by taping on the Switch button
  • How do I create a photo album?

    Bloomer automatically creates albums for each of the Leaderboards you join. You are not able to create additional albums yourself, other than by joining more Leaderboards.
  • Can I create group chats?

    Bloomer does not currently support group chats.
  • What are the changes of Winner's club?

    The new version of the Winner's club is simpler and focuses on milestone achievements:

    + Bronze is exclusive for daily winners.
    + Silver is exclusive for weekly winners.
    + Gold is exclusive for monthly winners.
  • Why does Bloomer have the new Winner's club?

    - Bring a clear mechanism, simple and easy to understand for users about “how to become a member of Winners Club”
    - Create exclusive clubs for d/m/y locations contest winners as they become Bronze, Silver, Gold Members
    - Offer “one in a lifetime” experiences as prizes exclusively for the Winners of Winner contests that occur occasionally

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