Have you heard about Bloomer’s leaderboards yet?

As we all know, the unique thing that differentiates Bloomer from other social applications is the ranking based on the leaderboards with different themes. These themes with interesting content will be changed regularly to bring new and extremely fascinating experience to the Bloomer community. So far, how many leaderboard does Bloomer have and what are the rules? Let’s take a look!

Ho Chi Minh City – Hanoi



In these 2 leaderboards, there is no border in space, no restriction in theme, all you have to do is to be in the picture then you can already share with Bloomer. Currently Bloomer will be released first in the two big cities – Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Do not worry if you have not found your city yet, Bloomer will be appeared to your place very soon. Firstly, please select the nearest city to where you live and join the leaderboard. Let’s share your best moments with all your friends now!



If you are a fan of selfies, don’t miss this Leaderboard! Welcome to the world of Selfie! Let’s see how far you can go! Hurry up and choose your most amazing selfies and upload to Bloomer!

Today’s Outfit


What are you wearing today? Pick your outfit, share your style and shine with us. Stand out from the crowd! Let’s show everyone your style through your most gorgeous photos.

Funny Faces


Be confident to post your funny picture! Show your funny faces. Who knows your photos may go viral. Join now!

Don’t hesitate and hurry to upload your photos following Bloomer’s amazing leaderboards. Opportunity to be on the highest position of the ranking is in your hand.

Let’s go on Bloomer now!


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