How technology means to young people

Technology has become so familiar in our daily life. Imagine if one day we don’t use the Internet, cellphone, no chatting on Facebook or taking selfies, it would be a very long day.

What make today’s young generation get so “addicted” to technology like that? Let’s go over these unexpected benefits that technology has brought young generation’s life.

  1. The need for contacting

Thanks to technology, young people can easily communicate with friends and relatives everywhere. Just by a call or a text, you can know where your best friend is and quickly ask him/ her out for a snack right away.

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  1. The need for connecting

Today, we can abstain from eating and drinking, but totally can’t abstain from using the Internet for a day. Only with a smartphone, connecting to the Internet is easier than ever. Just swipe through photos and check-in of our friend posted on Facebook, we can identify what and where they are doing now. Moreover, the Like/Love reactions for the activities on social media are also seemed as a way to connect and maintain our relationships with others.

  1. The need for entertaining

With many technological devices, the youth can play games, watch movies, listen to music and chat with friends for entertainment after a stressful day at school and work. Especially for the fans, meeting their idols, oppas everyday via the Internet will not be a difficult thing anymore.

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  1. Provide information

Currently, the online newspapers are more preferred by readers and slowly replacing newspapers because of its ability to provide information quickly and accurately. Now, with just a few mouse clicks or finger surfing on your phone, you can update the important news of the day via online newspaper.

  1. Self-showing

There is a small group of young want to seek for everyone’s attention and become famous by updating the best photos of themselves on social networks. It’s not difficult to notice that there are a lot of hotgirls and hotboys become well-known thanks to the Internet and they have earned many advertising contracts and lucrative businesses from the online world.

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How about you? What benefits does technology bring to your life?

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