Huu Ninh’s journey: From passion to a career


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“The eyes tell the others your true emotion“. 

It’s Ninh’s conclusion after many years doing the “catch-the-people’s-feeling” job, and we totally agreed with him. Ninh was the winner of Ha Noi’s Leaderboard last May. Apart from a great aspiration for photography, he also has a great voice, a composer, a true musical talent, which we believe many of Ninh’s friends might not be surprised. However, to us and other Bloomers, it is a total mind-blown fact!

After a few back and forth calls to try to “catch” Ninh, finally we successfully arranged to meet up with Ninh in Saigon for a small but intimate conversation. We felt grateful that despites his health condition, he still made the efforts to come over to meet us. This is the first time in Saigon as we flew him down, even though he spent most of the time with Bloomer. However, he loved the city so far as when he went out catching moments on the streets and seeing the city for a short while!


The conversation started with the unexpected journey that brought him to photography. Ninh said that he thought he would stick with singing because he loves music more than anything at the time, photography wasn’t even in his mind. But then, the love for capturing pictures came along, and it all started from there. Then fire ignited even more when he had his first camera. And that time he realised, this is the “true love”, the true passion in his life that named Photography.

“I think I was born to be an artist; to do art because I love art” said Ninh. The love for art it’s just simply in his bloodstream. Even though singing is still the passion in him and it has never changed; photography, on the other hands, has brought him more success than he would ever expect. Ninh turned the love for capturing pictures into a real career. He has just opened a small studio and photography service for a few years and the most important thing is he works for what he loves. How amazing that sounds!


To look back, it was a real challenge for him to learn Photography and took in everything from zero, with no mentor and just a mid-range camera in hands. It’s the internet that taught him all, he was the mentor himself. It was just for fun to begin with, mostly to “entertain” himself. Gradually, the more he learnt, the more Ninh realised this is “the thing” for him. Practice made perfection, he had everything he needed to become a Photographer.

Now, Huu Ninh can afford his living and create income for himself as a Photographer with a small studio. After 2 years running his own business, started in 2010, he was able to afford an expensive and most advanced camera at that time, the Canon 5d Mark II, to support his work.


The young yet talented Photographer Hữu Ninh didn’t forget to share with us about his mom with the pride in his eyes. He shared “My dad passed away too soon, so my mom had to be both a dad and a mom to raise me up with love and care. And she is always there to support me no matter how hard it is or my situation“. Ninh appreciates her support so much, after all those years building up his own career. Through this video, Ninh has a message to send to his mom, let’s find out what it’s about!

And last but not least, Ninh also has a very supportive and healthy relationship with his girlfriend. Ninh said: “She always sympathizes and understands my job, she never ever complains”. It is awesome to find a girlfriend like her, the one who is so understanding regardless of his job that requires meeting up and taking photos for clients who are pretty.

People say “The greatest thing in life is when you do what you love and receive the support from everyone”. Ninh’s got that greatest thing in life.


We wish Ninh all the best, see Ninh and you on Bloomer!