JustDuy, MinhKy, MelMel and their real “Underwater Challenge”


Bloomer had an opportunity to cooperate with Samsung to hold the “Samsung Underwater Challenge” to welcome everyone to the hot summer season.


The competition took place from 24/05 to 24/06/2017 offering a very “incredible” prize: 3 Samsung Galaxy A5 phones.


“Samsung Underwater Challenge” got a great turn out with over 500 participants sharing their most underwater moments over the leaderboard. The highest number of flowers had been given to Hong Minh Ky with 380,903 flowers, following closely is MelMel with 208,225 flowers. They eventually became Male and Female winners of “Samsung Underwater Challenge”.


Beside the Male and Female winner prizes, our Bloomer community couldn’t wait to hear the news about Samsung Pick – the final prizes for the Bloomer with the most stunning photo. After days of waiting, Bloomer happened to know the final Samsung Pick winner was our beautiful JustDuy.

The ceremony was held at 10 am 05/07 solemnly with the participation of the full 3 Bloomer Winners.


The Samsung’s Pick: JustDuy


Male leaderboard 1st rank: Hồng Minh Kỳ


Female leaderboard 1st rank: MelMel


However, Bloomer also brought our winners a small surprise challenge! Our winners were eager to join the fun after receiving the prizes. Bloomer had dropped 3 Samsung Galaxy A5 phones and additional rewards into the cold water tank, and our three winners had to “come and get it”.

Even though our small surprise challenge was “risky”, our winners were clever enough to retrieve the waterproof prizes safe and sound. They were all having fun receiving the gifts.


The leaderboard has officially ended after bringing the interesting experience to our Bloomer community. Join Bloomer and stay tuned with the upcoming challenges in the future!

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