10 shocking facts about Kaylee VJ’s home


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She’s gorgeous, she’s stylish, she plays piano – what else’s do you want to know about Kaylee? This girl-next-door, VJ of MTV Vietnam, is also the Runner up of Bloomer’s April leaderboard. On a rare sunny day, Bloomer ‘broke in’ Kaylee’s home and unveiled her 10 secrets.

1. Bought an apartment at age 27

Kaylee just moved into her new apartment 1 month ago. It is a luxury apartment located in district 7. Stepping into the house, we were stunned by the sunlit, fragrant room. Kaylee is still moving her stuff from her old house, but what’s left is mostly clothes. However, before entering her home, there is another impression.

2. Kaylee’s best friend is…

A friend that is always by her side, whether she’s happy or blue, from waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, it’s a lovely sausage dog that lives with her.

3. Kaylee is a Northerner

It’s curious to know that Kaylee has Southern accent but her mother has a Northern one. Kaylee’s mother is an elegant Hanoi woman with excellent cooking skills. Kaylee was born in Ho Chi Minh City so she has Southern accent. However when she was 14 years old, Kaylee went to Hanoi to study at the Vietnam National Academy of Music.

4. Kaylee is a teacher?

Yes! Maybe you often see her hosting on MTV but Kaylee’s side occupation is as a music teacher. Her mother said: “Back in my childhood I always wanted to study piano but I couldn’t. After giving birth to 3 daughters, I decided to let all 3 study piano but only Kaylee kept up with it”.  You can meet Kaylee at Soul Academy.

5. How many outfits are there in Kaylee’s closet?

They’re uncountable! Everywhere in Kaylee home is a clothing exhibition… When Kaylee told us she never wears the same outfit twice and she goes shopping everyday – her mother was shocked.

6. Kaylee’s cameraman is also her mother

Because Kaylee is a fashionista, she needs new fashion photos every day. And of course, the nearest person will become your photographer. Each outfit may take up to 50 photos, with a variety of poses, before Kaylee is happy. Kaylee’s mom often takes on the role of photographer and many times the never-ending photoshoot, and Kaylee’s search for the perfect photo, has given her high blood pressure.

7. How often does Kaylee travel?

Kaylee just returned from a trip to Europe, and now she’s waiting on her visa for her upcoming trip to America and Canada. Kaylee’s advice to young people is to try traveling once per month. Kaylee is lucky enough to work for an international channel so she often travels for work. And these business trips are chances to add more new and colorful clothes into her wardrobe.

8. When it’s raining, Kaylee will…?

When the rain is pouring, everyone else stays at home and perhaps enjoys their favourite food. Yet Kaylee will…go to gym. She loves sports and always strives to keep herself in the best shape.

9. Kaylee is acting?

This is classified information that has yet to be revealed to anyone. Kaylee plays a role in a cinematic movie that will be released this fall. Everybody is very excited about the film. Kaylee was invited to audition for a big role but turned out she got an even bigger one.

10. Kaylee will…sing?

This won’t be unveiled yet, you will have to wait. See you next time on Bloomer!