Ku Lin: The Journey to Achieve the Dreams of a Young Man

Ku Lin was proudly announced to be one of our first male winners in the monthly leaderboards. Ku Lin (originally Pham Hung) was born in Da Nang. According to him the Nickname that he is using was from his loved mom and it brings lots of luck to this young man.


The first impression about Ku Lin is that he’s a good looking and friendly guy with a serious attitude for work. You will feel a strong energy from this young man when working with him. The strong attitude and desire to chase his dreams is how he is known for.


Appeared on Bloomer with a massive photo album and a smart strategy, Ku Lin has achieved the first rank on Bloomer’s November Leaderboard and has become the first male winning Bloomer male ranking.


Despite his background and experience in tourism, Ku Lin dreams to work as a stylist and a professional model.

Ku Lin always works hard to achieve his dream and isn’t afraid to challenge himself with different opportunities. “With accompanying and support from Bloomer, I have to get the first step to achieving my dream. Even though there are still lots of disadvantages for me in this field but I believe if I am persistent and focused, success will come in the near future”.


The next challenge that he wants to take is joining in Viet Nam Next Top Model, as an opportunity for him to experience and go with his passion.


Ku Lin has a good and consistent performance on our Vietnam Leaderboard. Will he become the Bloomer first year winner? Join Bloomer to follow the Journey to achieve the dreams of this young man.