Kulin – The young man determines to set a Bloomer record

As the most featured person on the Bloomer leaderboard, Kulin is planning his strategy to become the person with the most flowers received this year. What is the strategy of this Danang man who was born in 1990, let’s find out.


Tip 1: Take photos everywhere

Kulin’s hobby is modeling. For him, every day is a fashion show and the world is his stage. The love of fashion and photography is the reason why Kulin dresses stylishly all the time and takes photos in different places.


Tip 2: Gym is the meaning of life

Representing the sportaholic generation, Kulin plays sports every day. Monday to Saturday he hits the gym and Sunday is for swimming. His gym exercises are designed to help him achieve a healthy and fit body, along with a healthy diet.

Gym workouts help Kulin stay clear-minded, healthy and maintain a great body to be more confident in front of camera.


Tip 3: Travel every month

Kulin is a fan of travelling and every month Kulin will try to go on a trip. On the journey, the more carefree he feels the more inspiration he has to take photos. Don’t forget to take a companion with you as this person will become your photographer.


Tip 4: Chat with…your competitor

Each Bloomer leaderboard has many candidates in the running for the ultimate spot. As Kulin shared, the chat function of the Bloomer app is the ultimate weapon. You can start a conversation and partner with someone to give flowers and achieve a high rank. If you want try it yourself, start giving flower to candidates and have a chat with them. Kulin has made many new friends thanks to Bloomer.


Tip 5: Encourage friends to join Bloomer

It is an interesting fact that Kulin has convinced 30 colleagues to join Bloomer. These friends are an endless source of flowers for Kulin. Kulin thinks that everyone can spend money to purchase flowers, but don’t forget to invite people around you to join as everyone will earn 100 flowers everyday they login.

These are Kulin’s 5 top secret tips in his race to the top of Bloomers leaderboard every month. Now he is on the top of the leaderboard for 2017 and trying to secure his crown. If you are confident in winning a Bloomer leaderboard like Kulin – join Bloomer now to win amazing prizes from Bloomer.