Linda Beck – the girl who studied Vietnamese by watching Thuy Nga Paris


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Linda impresses people with her tall Western figure, but more impressive is when she starts to speak in fluent Vietnamese, and she’s a witty storyteller.


“I was born in Finland and my mother taught me how to speak Vietnamese from an early age. Back then I loved the music of Thuy Nga Paris a lot, so my mom had me watch and learn the lyrics from the karaoke videos. Now I just turn on Minh Tuyet’s songs and I can sing them right away. I actually don’t know any modern singers, but my name comes from Linda Trang Dai  – a pop icon of my moms”, said Linda.

The funny thing is that about 20 years later, when Linda returned to Vietnam. She went to a wedding, and she saw someone who looked very familiar. Linda says “I often watch tapes of ‘Thuy Nga Paris by night’ to improve my communication skills, especially the show of Quang Minh and Hong Dao. Once I was invited to a wedding ceremony and surprisingly sat next to a man who looked very much like Quang Minh. I asked and it was him! I happily said: “Oh my teacher is here”.


Linda also speaks Finnish, English, German and Dutch.

– How about your time in Finland?

“Finland is a developed and safe country. But the population is just one tenth of Vietnams, and life is slow-paced and peaceful. For a person like me who is fond of talking and exploring, I think Vietnam is the best”, she said.


In the beginning it was just a couple of trips to visit my mother’s hometown, and then Linda decided to move back at the age of 22. Since then, 3 years have passed very quickly.

This fast-paced girl is very active and a sportaholic. During her childhood she played football, and grew up with boxing, gym, and swimming… she never misses a single sport. But the surprising thing here is, she is fond of cooking! “It’s my mother. Mom said, if you want to eat the fruit you must climb the tree!” On Facebook, it’s easy to see, “Linda can cook” photos are uploaded frequently.


“In Vietnam, people often look at me when I go outside. Because I’m tall, pale skinned, with a high nose so everyone calls me Foreign. However when I’m in Finland, people there think of me as Asian. I’m used to this attention already. Everywhere I go, I’m an “outsider”. But that’s ok!”.

Of course, she manages one of the most popular bars in Saigon, and always goes to vibrant parties, but eats healthy and exercises frequently. Such an ideal life for a ‘foreign’ girl in her motherland!


– What did you do to become Bloomer’s winner?

I did nothing. I just posted my favorite pictures. As you can see, all of them are selfies. Perhaps people love me so they give me many flowers. I wanna say thank you guys very much!