Meet Mèo: The first winner of Bloomer Hanoi leaderboard

In Ho Chi Minh City leaderboard, we have found many outstanding monthly winners: Keily, Ku Lín, Thanh Xuân and Trọng Quỳnh. And now for the first time in Hanoi leaderboard, Bloomer proudly presents our first monthly winner – Mèo – with 4,673 flowers on Bloomer.


Mèo – whose real name is Lê Dung, is a 21-years-old girl living in Hải Phòng, where the flame trees bloom gracefully and vivaciously in the intense red throughout the coastal city every summer. Le Dung is studying Foreign Languages at Haiphong Private University. As the first winner in Hanoi leaderboard, Mèo went on the sponsored trip to Saigon and had an amusing sharing time with Bloomer.

Meeting at the beginning of 2017, our first impression of this little girl was her bright eyes and charming smile. Mèo shared that thanks to Bloomer sponsored trip she had a chance to learn more about the scenic gems of Saigon. Despite Saigon hot weather, Mèo really enjoyed every moment as Saigonese is very warm-welcomed and friendly.


It is very romantic as we learned more about Mèo’s first love story. First love never dies. In love, Mèo always respect the partner’s private space and live in the moment. With gentle voice and charming smile, Mèo made her story irresistible to not listen.


When it comes to beautiful photos that Mèo uploaded on Bloomer, she expressed her love of being the muse of the cameraman. Her first time being in front of camera is one of her friends invited her to a spontaneous photoshoot of Lunar New Year. At first Mèo was very shy but then she got used to it and be more confident in front of camera.


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Bloomer now opens Hanoi leaderboard, who will be the next winner in Hanoi leaderboard? Let’s join Bloomer and find out!