Mèo, her 6 months journey and more with Bloomer

“The future is unpredictable, yet unreadable”

We still remember 6 months ago, when we first met Mèo, she was a cute, innocent yet extremely talented girl. 6 months later, after the convincing victory in Hanoi Leaderboard, Mèo had another chance to be back in Ho Chi Minh City.

Meeting Mèo again this time, we could see so much changes in her. She is now an ambitious woman who puts her career at heart.



Mèo has surprised us, she really did with her beautiful and natural look of her own. However, not just the look that surprised us the most, we recognized that by the way she shared her life as well as her thoughts in career, there was an insightful understanding in the way she carried her conversation with Bloomer.



Career is what Mèo cares the most right now. With her great dedication and her ambition, she is not only a teaching assistant but also a consultant at an English Center in Hai Phong. Now by reading to this point, people may think there is nothing hard about what she is doing, but there is more to it than just meet the eyes. There are challenges that require patience and high level of customers’ persuadability, which Mèo finds it extremely motivating and tough at the same time.

Mèo once shared persuading customers is not easy, especially the students’ parent. She understands every parent wants the best for their children and also Mèo wants the best for her students too. Even though she has to face so many stressful tasks at work every day, the more difficulty she faces, the more she realizes how much she loves her job. 5 years commitment as she said she will do shows us enough of her ambition for what she is doing now.



And on those stressful days, her mom and sister are the people she will think of first when she needs an insightful advice or an encouragement to keep on moving forward. Mèo admits it’s her luck to have her mom and sister with her through thick and thin, they are the ones who always stand by her in almost every situation.

Besides Mèo always “has a conversation” with her beloved cat, even though the cat cannot answer her questions or give her any advice, she still thinks cat is her wonderful best friend because sometimes, a best friend is the one who can listen to your story without judging. The cat is her great listener, her true best friend.

In the near future, Mèo would love to develop her career in the South to persuade the real challenges, in such competitive as well as energetic city like Ho Chi Minh. By doing that, she will have an opportunity to improve herself and have more chances to grow her career path.

Despite of ups and downs moments, she has never given up. The harder the challenge is, the more motivation she has to overcome and be a better version of herself.

Would anyone ever think behind a beautiful face and a bright smile like this, there is a version of Mèo who is so ambitious and driven?


Last but not least, Mèo has some messages to her family, her cat and especially to her Bloomers – who has supported her with uncountable flowers and helped her to win for the second times.

Want to know her more? Let’s watch the video!