When not flying around the world, there is another side to Captain Quang Dat


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We always think of pilots as strict and tough, and this is a must as you hold the lives of hundreds of people in your hands, being strict is unavoidable. However, out of the cabin they are just ordinary people. Meet Quang Dat – The winner of April’s Bloomer award, and get to know what the day to day life of the youngest captain in Vietnam looks like.


He understands women, especially… the FA ones

You will be surprised to know that Quang Dat is the host of a show featuring FA women. The show is called “Ok, I’m single” – you will laugh and cry when you see Quang Dat, the host of this amusing show. He interviews women of different ages, listens to their stories and explains: “Why are you still single?”. In order to accomplish that, Dat needs to be delicate and understand women well.

Dat said: “There are many women who come on the show and I can’t explain why they are still single. However, the important thing is that after the conversation, these women become more confident and treasure themselves more. And there are some who have found love after talking with Dat!”


He is willing to go head to head with a doctor twice his age  

In Vietnam, there is a very famous doctor, Dang Hoang Giang – who has written many articles and published books about social issues. Dr. Dang Hoang Giang is highly regarded and is very knowledgeable and experienced. In a talk show about ‘Career changes’ – Quang Dat fearlessly went head to head with Dr. Giang to justify his viewpoint.

According to Dr. Giang, your working life is divided into 3 parts – corresponding to 3 career changes. While Quang Dat argues that there is no reason to change careers, if you have found your passion. Even though their viewpoints are very different, in this close debate, both of them defended their opinions well with strong arguments.


He has a travel blog

With his busy working schedule, a relaxing getaway trip is indispensable. Quang Dat usually spends 3 to 4 days on a trip in South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Myanmar, and Singapore. With a long day’s journey, Dat can travel to Europe or Japan. All of these trips are well-documented and shared on his fan page “The Pilot”. On this fan page, everyone can discover more tourist sights and learn new travel tips to have a meaningful and easy journey.


His passion for photography

Dat is also a photographer and has incredible artistic taste in his editing. If you visit his page “The Pilot,” which has more than 30,000 followers, you can enjoy his aesthetic sense. Not only landscapes, and food but also his personal portraits are as gorgeous as posters of Hollywood stars.

It’s because of this hobby that Dat joined the Bloomer app and received flowers from the Bloomer community. Follow Quang Dat on Bloomer and give him flowers, you too will see how friendly and gentle Dat is – very different from the mature and strict image of a captain. Dat also shared: “I’m only prissy at my job. However in day to day life I’m just a meek 26 year-old man so I’m very youthful and energetic, not a grumpy grandpa as people may think. Perhaps Bloomer is the one who understands me the most”.