Phong Tran: Young man with warm bass vocal

Continue with our search for Bloomer Icon, Hanoi leaderboard January has found our next male winner of the month – Phong Tran with 15,971 flowers. We welcomed Phong Tran to Ho Chi Minh city and had a great time with him.


Phong currently studies in Hanoi Military University of Culture and Arts and the music genre he is following is chamber and pre-war music. Phong shared that he always tries his best to achieve high score in study. During the study time, Phong Tran gained many achievements; one of his proudest achievements is Quang Nam province Gold medal.


When asked the reason why he pursued this genre, Phong revealed that the low preference of the genre is a challenge that needs to be conquered. He wants to upgrade and bring the genre close to the audience.

Our talented guy shared that beside chamber and pre-war genre; he also preferred music of Ha Anh Tuan singer and ballad songs.


Born and raised in Danang – the most worth-living cities in Vietnam, Phong came to Hanoi to study and pursue his dream. The young man stumbles many challenges as well as unfamiliar lifestyle and living. Those obstacles didn’t bring him down. Phong got on well with people in town and on fired to follow his path. “This is the opportunity for me to be more matured and independent” – Phong asserted.


Let’s turn on the volume and feel this warm bass vocal from Phong Tran.