Phuong Tay: The optimistic girl, after giving up her dream of dancing

“I had studied dancing for 6 years straight before I was forced to quit due to personal injury issues. I was in grade 8 and lived far away from home. I was homesick but I told myself: “Everything happens for a reason” and “When God shuts one door, He opens another”.


Minh Phuong (aka Phuong Tay – Bloomer’s Feb winner) is 19 years old, and currently enrolled as a 12th grade student in Hai Phong city. She is popular for her dancing skill and has participated in several dance competitions. So Phuong participated in a student elegance contest and, of course, impressed the judges with her dance performance. Having a pretty face, with hard training, she was expected to be an upcoming dancer. However, she currently working backstage and mostly does choreography for everyone.


“Dancing is not an easy profession. You have to start when you are just 3 or 4 years old and spend almost your entire youth learning it. But during the process, there are certain physical and health requirements that not everyone can live up to.” said Phuong. For a while, she was too young to know what to do next after dancing. But now, Phuong has chosen to study to be an accountant instead.



“To me, accountancy is a profession that requires a high level of intelligence and accuracy. I like working with numbers since it helps activate the full capacity of my brain” – said Phuong


In two months’ time, Phuong will take the entrance exam for the National Economics University, with her major in Accounting. This is her biggest goal now. She is nervous yet confident since she has been preparing for this. Previously, she entered two contests for gifted students and she scored among the best.


Phuong sees life as a glass half full. She said “I don’t really put a lot of pressure on myself for this test. Since I will have tried my best, I will have nothing to regret. And besides, once a door shuts, another will open. We never know what will happen in the future, I might become a make-up artist or even a baker. We shall see about that…”