Share your inspiration, happiness is what you receive.

“Share to be shared” – That’s the motto in life of Long Tran, it’s been his own motto since he was a little until now after the time he went to Church and went back home with the mind full of nothing but the sentence “share to be shared”, “what does it mean?” the little Long Tran asked himself back then at the time. Now he fully understood.

“We have to share what we have before even expecting to receive anything from others. That’s when we deserve to receive something back from any others”. Happiness to him was simply described in that sentence.


When Long got asked about what he regretted the most until now, Long hesitated for a moment and then emotionally replied that he wishes he could have had a chance to proudly tell his beloved father how much he had achieved today after all. Even though his father had passed away a long time ago, he is still Long’s most admirable person, the most beloved dad, the greatest inspiration to him and for him to be motivated to move on with his own life.

Long politely told Bloomer not to “announce” his achievements because he didn’t want to appear like an arrogant. And we had our words to him. But to be honest, if we could share what Long had gone through and done today. You all will be surprised and admired him even more!


Long humbly called himself an “officer” even though he is managing a well-known printing manufacturer factory. One of his jobs is to have a lot of communication with clients who are well-known photographers in the industry. The more he meeting he had with the photographers, the more he had to work on pictures and photographs, the more he realized that this type of hobby is for him; taking pictures and being in the pictures.

He spent a lot of time with the senior photographers to talk about what they had gone through to be where they are today. And that’s when he learned to reach to the “professional” level, the young generation has to overcome a lot of obstacles regardless of the advantages they have and how good they are right now.


One of the obstacles is exactly when they first step into this career path. And what they need most is the sharing of experiences and lesson learned from the seniors, for them to reflect and reach even further more in their job. He helped them out by giving them the feedbacks as an “inside man” of the photography world.

Many times rise and fall in the printing business and in working with many photographers. But after each fall, he always looked back to see where he went wrong and tried to find a better way to fix it.

Long shared: “I don’t like when people accuse of something else when they fail. It’s always your fault at first. Just look back into yourself and you’ll see what need to be changed.”


So far, you probably get closer to Long’s thought and feeling: “You were born, you grow up, and then, you put the first step in life. That’s when you start to write the first word in the book named “Your life”. It’s a blank and not enough page book. The first line of it will be written when you have your first experience about life.”

He compared the beginning of any career is like when you start to write the first page of a book. You don’t know how to start and maybe tear it off to start again many times. But when the time comes, and it will, you will find your best word. And your story will be written fast and smoothly. Just don’t give up.  

Let’s watch Long Trần’s video to understand more about this man: