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Show Your Style with Bloomer and Artemys

To celebrate International Women’s day, Bloomer and Artemys* would like to introduce the first sponsored leaderboard opened from Thursday 9th February

Ku Lin: The Journey to Achieve the Dreams of a Young Man

Ku Lin was proudly announced to be one of our first male winners in the monthly leaderboards. Ku Lin (originally Pham Hung) was born in Da Nang. According to

Thanh Xuan: An Independent Girl with Strong Mindset

In December, Bloomer app has welcomed a huge number of new users; hence, the race is becoming more thrilling. There is a lot of brand-new names and the

Keily Nguyen: The trend setter for Vietnam’s new photo sharing phenomenon

Just only in one month, Bloomer has gained a lot of users and people compete in Bloomer’s unique leaderboards. Let’s meet Bloomer adorable November Winner:

Have you heard about Bloomer’s leaderboards yet?

As we all know, the unique thing that differentiates Bloomer from other social applications is the ranking based on the leaderboards with different themes.

Cool photography tips for smartphone users

Nowadays, anyone of us can easily own a multi-functional smartphone which can use for calling, texting, watching online news, listening to music, taking

Why young people love taking photos these days?

Nowadays we can easily catch the image of young people “taking selfie”, taking photos everywhere not only from entertainment places, tourist places