Tan Than: Young man plans to move to Saigon after winning Bloomer

The 21-year-old seeks to be successful in both business and entertainment.

The 21-year-old seeks to be successful in both business and entertainment.

The first impression one may have of Tan Than is his accent of Hue. Born and raised in Phong Dien, Thua Thien Hue in a family with four children, Tan is proud of the education that he received. Since he was a child, Tan has often been involved in agricultural activities with his father and those of market with his mother so he soon developed an appreciation for the value of hard work. Currently, Tan still helps his mother at their shoe and cloth store. From the childhood experiences, he determines to become a businessman.


The 21-year-old graduated from Da Nang University of Economics. He completed his studies one year ahead of the expected graduation date. Moreover, Tan is an active social activist in Da Nang. Particularly, he used to work as an editorial and fashion model.


“I want to challenge myself in both business and entertainment” – said Tan. Last year, he travelled to Ho Chi Minh City to learn about the procedure of birthday party organizing services, which he could potentially utilize in Da Nang. Returning to Saigon for the second time as the winner of Bloomer’s January Ranking, Tan took lots of beautiful photos and that was why he found himself excited about this photo sharing application.


Regarding his modeling hobby, Tan Than said that if there was The-Face-like  contests for men, he would definitely participate. Tan also talked about his decision to move to Ho Chi Minh City in June, after completing social projects in Da Nang. To Tan Than, Saigon is a land with many opportunities for him to pursue his passion.


Six confessions of Tan Than about his bad habits:

– Identifies himself as an overkill.
– Gets angry easily when expectations are not fulfilled.
– Spend lots of time to get ready before leaving home.
– Rather wants to be left alone and ignores people when he is sad.
– He finds repetition of mistakes is intolerable.
– Never dare to flirt with anyone.