Thanh Xuan: An Independent Girl with Strong Mindset

In December, Bloomer app has welcomed a huge number of new users; hence, the race is becoming more thrilling. There is a lot of brand-new names and the highlighted name of this month is Thanh Xuan. She has received 32,909 flowers in Bloomer app. Congratulations Thanh Xuan for becoming Bloomer – Icon in December.



Owning a bright look, this 23-year-old girl was born and raised in Soc Trang – a province that is known for Lam Thon dances and the beautiful green fields. Thanh Xuan revealed she loves cooking and singing.



Thanh Xuan is accountant and manager assistant for a local company. She dreams to develop her own business. This childhood dream has inspired her to become an independent woman and to create her own startup in the future.


Xuan shared that she looked up to Thanh Hang – a role model of independence and strong characteristics. Despite her delicate appearance, Thanh Xuan is a fearless and self-confident woman who is willing to confront challenges. Xuan always stays tough to perform well regardless of circumstance and leaves everything behind. Where there are hard times lies an opportunity. Thanh Xuan stated, her goal was becoming “A girl who can stand on her feet and not duplicate anyone else. She will sketch her own life”.

Thanh Xuan with her bright smile and confident demeanor.


She revealed she was really proud of her smile. The quote that she adores the most is: “The best curve of a woman is her smile. When the smile is bright, you will stand out in the crowd”.

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