Shyn: the simple life of a preschool teacher

It is hard to believe a very young and beautiful girl like Shyn is a kindergarten teacher. A lot of people mistake her for a high school girl when they first meet.


“In my Bloomer I’m mainly wearing school uniforms, and shooting when I’m going to work. The more beautiful pictures, fashions and personalities are posted in Bloomer app”- The January winner of Bloomer said.


That’s right, people might think that Shyn is a young teacher who knows how to sing, paint, and make cookies. Only friends know that she is ‘a hidden hot girl’, because she only does her makeup and dresses up while going out.


Shyn was born in 1993, and attended Hai Phong University in Pre-school Education. It has been three years since she became involved with child care. Shyn is currently teaching in a kindergarten in Hai An District, Hai Phong. There are up to 30 students in Shyn’s class but only two teachers, many people were shocked to hear this.


“Everyone thought it would be very hard. But to me, any job is hard in some ways. Therefore, if we look at the joys, we will feel happy with our work”. That’s why Shyn is so happy with her job. She calls all students as her child and teaches them lots of primary lessons.


Shyn starts every working day at 5.30am, she has to get up early to prepare breakfast. Then she goes to work until 5:30 pm, from Monday to Saturday. She doesn’t have much free time during the week so she devotes her time to her family. Fortunately Shyn is always supported by parents.


Her hobby is singing and she loves to bring her voice to everyone. That is also why she likes being a kindergarten teacher,the babies are so cute and they love to learn to sing like her.


During her holiday, Shyn will travel and take a lot of pictures. She often runs motorcycles from Hai Phong to Quang Ninh. Shyn is very appreciative of her celibacy and loves getting to know more about Vietnam.