This ‘half-blood prince’ has the most attractive hair in the world

Minh Nguyen – the winner of the Bloomer in March – looks older than he is, is always gentle and can be a bit quiet at times. He is proof of the saying: “Talent does not wait for age”. The three following stories will make your jaw-drop.


He likes to watch hair vlogs

It’s hard to believe, but there are people who take the time to watch vlogs about hair, for example: 15 of the best hairstyles for men. And Minh is one of them.

Minh is also a member of a Facebook group about hair wax. So, he knows what kind of wax the world is hunting for, and what kind of hairstyle suits him best.


Minh never leaves the house without styling his hair. Minh always wants to look his best when he out and about. A refined appearance will be a bonus in his future planned banking career, where he will be meeting with many high profile customers.

He has mixed heritage

He is… a quarter Italian! Yes, Minh Nguyen’s grandfather is Italian. Minh’s father has a mixed European and Asian heritage and looks it, so many people look at him curiously. However, when Minh was born, except for his height, he looked 100% Vietnamese.


In his family, his dad influenced Minh the most. Since Minh was a child, his dad often brought home classic books and ignited his love of reading. In the 12th grade, he gave Minh a book named “Things I wish I had known before university” – and that book that influenced him a lot. Currently, Minh likes to read books about travel and would love to travel the world one day. Italy is the country that Minh dreams of setting foot in, to know more about the history of his forefathers.


Age does not matter

“The most important thing that we need is to set a goal for ourselves, at any age” Minh said. You might think Minh is just an ordinary guy who has been working for 3 years, but Minh was only born in 1996.  Indeed, he is just 21 years old. Minh only just enrolled in the University of Banking last year. It might surprise you but Minh appears a little bit older than his age because he is taller than your average guy and has such gentlemanly style.

Everyone in his family often teases him about his old fashioned looks. “But I don’t mind since it is who I am,” Minh said. At Minh’s age, young men are often wearing slippers, drinking milk tea, and dressed in bunny prints. But Minh always dresses with jeans and shirts and looks more like a white-collar office worker.


To go along with his looks, his favourite hobby is reading. Minh reads all the time, from his home to the coffee shop. In his free time, Minh often buys books and also has a huge book collection at home.

“Only my good friends would understand me. I might look unapproachable but I’m very friendly! “- said Minh. Despite looking very mature, he also has a group of his best friends and they often gather on the weekend for coffee.