Tokki: The beautiful and talented Queen

Tokki is not only known as a beauty pageant titleholder, but she is also well recognized for her cooking skills, which has many popular dishes to offer, especially her signature dish of dried chicken.


With the passion for traveling and food, Tokki – Bich Nga – has been posting photos on her Facebook to update about her backpacking trips and the dishes she cooks/eats along the roads. She has traveled all over Vietnam. The most recent trip is during Tet holidays to the West Pole of the country, conquering the challenging experience with a motorcycle.


The narrative may have given you readers an impression of a woman with a tough and bold lifestyle. However, Tokki assures that she is far from the assumption and that she appears to be much tender and feminine.


The 1992-born girl’s femininity was revealed in the six pageants she entered, from one of which she earned the title of Miss Beauty Queen Vietnam 2013. Recently, the beauty queen also marked her presence at the press conference of the 2017 Miss Universe Vietnam pageant. Tokki works full time as a fashion model. Moreover, she has participated in two movies titled “Hop Dong Bat Ma” and “Tinh Xuyen Bien Gioi”.


Not confined to the industry of entertainment, Tokki’s desire also includes a chance to be professionally trained in graphic design. Another interesting thing about Tokki is that she owns an online food store named after herself, where the woman offers dishes cooked also by herself. The store’s most well-known dish is chicken jerky. “People come here for the need of quality, authentic and distinctive spices” – said Tokki. With the love of spending spare time in the kitchen, Tokki is capable of making 500 different dishes, all learned from her talented and skillful father.


Seven things you may find surprising about Tokki:

–  She graduated from the University of Industry.
–  She started modeling 6 years ago. The career would not have gone as far if the talent was not initially discovered by a fashion designer.
–  Tokki is currently living in Ho Chi Minh City, and she goes home every week to Bien Hoa, where her father lives with Tiny- their puppy.
–  Tokki’s online food store is known for its cakes and chicken jerky but is open only in the owner’s spare time.
–  Her father asked: “Who is this?” as he saw his daughter on TV, and Tokki has never watched herself on TV commercials.
–  As a fashion model, Tokki once had a photo shoot with a wedding dress underwater for long hours.