Why young people love taking photos these days?

Nowadays we can easily catch the image of young people “taking selfie”, taking photos everywhere not only from entertainment places, tourist places, parks and landscapes to small eateries on the street, restaurants, fashion stores, supermarkets, and bars or even in… restrooms.

Why do today’s youth addicted to taking photos? Let’s go through some basic reasons that explain for the addiction of young people’s taking photo habit:

  1. Posting on social networks

The technological development era and the rapid introduction of many new kind of digital cameras, smartphones and the explosion of social networking sites have created the “virtual living habits”among the youth. A photo of a plane ticket and passport can be mean as an announcement of an upcoming trip. Photo of a dish has been “set up” by accident with lovely colors can tell people what you have eaten today or a photo of the rain with “deep caption” can show your feeling,… There are many type of photos from the netizens only serve for the purpose: “Having many likes on social networks”.

  1. Saving memories

There will be moments at any given time in your life when you wish to take photos to save your unforgettable moments. Not all memories can be stored through images, but the images can help to recall good memories. Therefore, each one of us should store our own “memories treasure” through photos.

  1. Desire

Each person has their own hobby. One of the hobbies is taking photo and being photographed. These young people are too familiar with standing in front of the camera. Just seeing the camera, they can professionally pose for photos in many styles. Moreover, being a model or a photographer can also bring a stable income if you have enough passion and determination. What can be cooler if you can make money from your dream job?

  1. Habit

“It is beautiful so I take it”, “I’m just too free so I take photos”, “Because I like it, that’s why” … Yeah, we don’t really need a proper reason to take photos; it could be considered as a habit and one of the youth’s  icon. Many of young people taking selfie every day but not posting on social networking or showing it to anyone; it’s just simply because they like it.

How about you? What do you often take photo for?

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