You will be surprised by the untold story about of Huyen, 19 years old girl.


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“Good things take time”

What an impressive message! You would not believe that it came from a 19 years old girl, Huyen Nguyen, who was the Bloomer Winner of May, in Ho Chi Minh city Leaderboard. She led by the highest flowers compared to the rest of other Bloomers who participated in the leaderboard.

So what’s the story behind Huyen’s statement? Why is it so impressive to Bloomer? Let’s find out!




We had a chance to meet up with Huyen on a peaceful weekend. Bloomer was seriously impressed by the look of Huyen, and maybe at some point her look fooled us! She didn’t give us that look of a mature girl when we saw her pictures on Bloomer. Just as soon as we met her up, that’s when we realised, Oh, she is such a wonderful girl! She is now a freshman of Primary education teacher in a University.




We started the conversation by her telling the story of her life. She admitted she is special because of her ability to make people laugh, and that’s what makes her identity, which she inherited from her happy family. “And that little special thing helps me to bring the laughters and joys to the others”. Huyen said with the pride in her eyes.





She continued the story with her years in high school, when she wasn’t an active student with motivation to study, neither doing anything else. And to her, that was the darkest years of her life. Thought that she would have “gone with the wind” and given up. Fortunately, she met her “life saver” in 11th-grade, who is a teacher that she has so much respect for. Her teacher helped her to go through those darkest days, gave her the motivation she needed when she felt the difficulty kicked in and gave her a purpose in life to lean on.





Now, it’s a new chapter to Huyen! All the hopes and dreams of being a great teacher are now grown even stronger and lit up with the fire of passion. The conversation ended with Huyen said “Thank you” from the bottom of her heart to family and friends. Especially to the Bloomers who gave her so many flowers to make her win and have a chance to be here today and share her story, which she hoped at some point it would help to inspire you.